Lauren Williams

Lauren Willliams knew she wanted to fly after going to an air show with her parents at the age of four. She described being mesmerized by a F/A-18 at a military air show during Fleet Week in San Francisco.  

“I was blown away,” Williams said. “I knew then that’s what really sparked my interest.”

Now, many years later; she is the first pilot in her family and a first officer at Endeavor Air. 

Williams moved from California to North Carolina in search of a local flight school, she attended a Premier Air flight school at Lincoln County Airport where she received her private pilot license and instrument rating. Williams relocated to Florida where she obtained her commercial pilot certificate, became a certified flight instructor, and taught for a while. 

Williams moved back to North Carolina and taught there for some time, then flew with Boutique Air before getting hired at Endeavor Air. 

William described having a lot of ups and downs with her journey to becoming a pilot.

“My journey has not been a straight line,” Williams said. “I went after it, pursued it, now I am where I am.”

Williams said being an African American woman in the aviation industry impacted her in a positive way. She was able to get involved with organizations like Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) and Women in Aviation International. 

“Without those two qualities I would have not found those organizations to be a part of.” Williams said. 

Williams also spoke on the importance of mentorship and how her mentors have played a large role in where she is today. 

“I would not be where I am without mentorship,” Williams said, “There are several key mentors that have basically guided me and given me great advice.”

Williams encourages aspiring pilots to step out of their comfort zones and to be willing to try different things. 

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