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Christian Cunningham

Christian Cunningham, a senior aeronautical studies major at Kent State University, has been doubted. Some said he would never become a pilot. But Cunningham is …
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Lauren Williams

Lauren Willliams knew she wanted to fly after going to an air show with her parents at the age of four. She described being mesmerized …
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Cosby Washington

Cosby Washingtion’s life-long dream to become a pilot started in the third-grade with a science fair project on paper airplanes that advanced to the city …
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Alexis Thind

Alexis Thind is a private pilot, currently completing her commercial pilot certificate in Squamish, a municipality north of Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from the University …
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Pinky Patel

When five-year-old Pinky Patel insisted on piloting the air museum static display, her mom suggested that a flying career might be a great fit — …
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Malik Sinegal

Malik Sinegal took his first airplane flight as a teen when a local volunteer offered to take him up for a flight lesson as part …
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Merryl Tengesdal

Colonel Merryl Tengesdal

Merryl Tengesdal is the first and only African American female U-2 pilot. Her military career included flying The SH-60B Seahawk in the Navy and instructing …
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